Penance for Windows

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  • Version: 1.0

Fun, fast-paced, retro-styled FPS game

The game industry is revolutionizing in no time. Thus, the development of highly-advanced and modernized shooter games can be seen left and right. But, there are still people who remain to love playing first-person shooter games with an old game approach. If you are one of them then, Penance is a suitable game for you as it provides an FPS gameplay with old school type which contains procedurally generated levels and grainy retro graphics. Here’ you’ll play as a fallen reptilian holy warrior asking for forgiveness from your sins against your kind. You are ordered to enter the gates of hell and destroy all the sins you’ll encounter to obtain peace of mind.

Action-filled run n’ gun gameplay

Your game goal in Penance is to collect a sufficient amount of carnage and earn points from every kill you made and gather all keys from each level to successfully pass through the portals. This shooter game offers a bunnyhopping ,which helps to increase your crouch-sliding and rage mechanic—an ability which gives you double damage to all weapons and quadruple damage to your sword when activated.

Penance allows you to flaunt your score with your own friends or even to the game’s community as it serves Discord support. With this, players can see their scores while playing. On top of that, when you get an adequate high score in this FPS game, you will receive a spotlight in the game’s ending cutscene. Moreover, the game’s controller was created with a combination of mouse and keyboard in mind.

No doubt, Penance is a fun, fast-paced action game that perfectly relived the old-style FPS game approach. You can’t expect to have a breakthrough FPS game experience with this, but it is assured that you’ll still enjoy the exciting gameplay it provides. It is a game made for players who love the classic shooter games in the past.


  • Action-filled gameplay
  • Perfectly stimulates classic FPS games
  • Allows you to show off your score
  • Supports mouse and keyboard controller


  • Hard-to locate map
  • Furbish the sword or provide more ammo

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